• Fixed bug where Image.original never got any info #145
  • Added Audio and Video objects
  • Work around bug in favorites feed which only let us get 20 latest items #65
  • Person.update() now updates Person.location
  • Fixed bug where PyPump with Python3 failed to save credentials to theJSONStore
  • Dropped Python 2.6 support, PyPump now supports Python 2.7 or 3.3+
  • PyPump now tries HTTPS first, and then only falls back to HTTP if verify_requests is False
  • Fixed bug where PyPump.request() didnt sign oauth request on redirect #120
  • Implement list methods on ItemList and Feed (__getitem__ and __len__)
  • Moved exceptions into single module and removed some unused exceptions. Make sure to update your import statements!


  • Person no longer accept a webfinger without a hostname
  • PumpObject.add_link and .add_links renamed to ._add_link and ._add_links
  • Recipients can now be set for Comment, Person objects
  • Recipient properties (.to, .cc, .bto, .bcc) has been moved from Activity to Activity.obj
  • Feeds (inbox, followers, etc) can now be sliced by object or object_id.
  • Feed.items(offset=int|since=id|before=id, limit=20) method.
  • Unicode improvements when printing Pump objects.
  • Instead of skipping an Object attribute which has no response data (f.ex Note.deleted when note has not been deleted) we now set the attribute to None.
  • Fixed WebPump OAuth token issue (#89)
  • Allow you to use <commentable object\>.comment() by passing in just a string apposed to a Comment object. 44f3426
  • Introduce “Store” object for saving persistant data.

Earlier Releases

Sorry we didn’t keep a change log prior to 0.6, you’ll have to fish through the git commits to see what’s changed.